Capturing the leash session! Start the snaps of doggie with leash & collar

Training the puppy to walk on a leash requires time and patience, hence adopt these things before stepping into the session. Scolding the puppy for which it could not understand easily is not fair. Be patient and cool in sessions of training the puppy.

To get the puppy used to collar, buy a comfortable leash for him. Choose a light weighted collar and leash which does not harm the puppy.

Choose a collar with clips on which leash can be introduced easily. This helps you to fix the leash in a faster pace and makes your puppy avoid scariness.

Intro to collar with optimistic rewards:
Tie the collar with clips with two fingers gap, this would be ideal for puppies to be comfortable. After fixing the collar award him a treat and make puppy understand that it’s good. Don’t encourage him after removing the collar. Clips make your task easy and help you tie the collar in a quick manner.

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In the next day, build the time period it wears the collar. This session must be done until the puppy wears the collar for a longer time and most probably permanently. Just leave the collar on the puppy’s neck until it getscaught up in any types of furniture or a leash. These entangles may make them panic and unsecured with collar. But don’t avoid wearing the collar while walking through outdoors. The collars are the name tags for puppies.

Intro to leash:
As the puppy begins to enjoy the collar outfit, introduce him a leash. Just start walking in the house backyard or garden. Don’t step out until the puppy is well trained to obey the commands. Just have in your mind that a leash is a safety tool which prevents your puppy from accidents and never let him go anywhere. Your dog must not practice the sessions by pulling the leash, so you should not pull the leash in the training sessions. Gently hold the leash in your hand and make your puppy walk on a leash slowly.

Just tempt puppy with treats, to make him walk along your side. Hence the puppy gets used to collar and leash soon.
If your puppy loves a toy the most temp him with the toy for training sessions. Make the toy as luring equipment in the walking sessions. In these ways, the puppy would build an optimistic behavior about wearing the collar and a leash.

These tempting equipment will prevent the puppy from making a fuss on wearing the collar and leash outfits. The most significant thing in training sessions doesn’t pull the puppy with aleash. Handle the leash and collar in a gentle manner. All you have to train is to make puppy move along your side. Make sure to keep the hand with treats near the puppy’s nose. The puppies must not jump for the treats. Now the puppy learns that leash and collar are not something which pulls and harm him.

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