Desert Safari Abu-Dhabi: Lively Moments to Cherish

As it is a well-known fact, that there are seven wonders of the world. Here at this point, I politely decline to this statement as I am witness of the eighth wonder. Somehow with a slight struggle and a little bit of digging down, I managed to get access to the eight wonder which is most likely to be crowned as the eighth wonder as it is a pure product of nature. Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, the whole adventurous journey lasting for about 8-10 hours is a journey where you get to see the grandeur of the vast desert and the life it offers.
The desert of Abu-Dhabi is one of the deserts where you can see and explore various aspects of Bedouin life and get to know more about how to sustain there. Many of our acquaintances get to visit UAE yet they miss the charms of taking desert safari and this time when you go, I strongly urge you to test your nerves and go for it. This article aims to provide the readers with a little bit of information about the Desert Safari Abu Dhabi along with a bird’s eye view so that the readers can remain aware of the journey from start till the end.
A Detailed Overview:
The average timing of one whole journey in desert safari is about 6 hours. This time slot is totally packed with thrill, adventure, excitement, craze, fun and a lot more. There are plenty of opportunities for the guests to take advantage from. The entire journey is divided into several iterations in which you get to enjoy the best services provided by the companies there. The very first thrilling experience you are made aware of is the Dune Bashing. It entails many perks and is crowned to give the best adrenaline shots to the ones on sand bikes and range rovers driving these beasts. Dune Bashing covers most of the fun part in Desert Safari Abu Dhabi, is the first thought which comes to mind after being exposed to so much fun at a time.
However, who knows what is coming up next? Every single part of safari is full of enjoyment and one can enjoy to the fullest. Dune Bashing is followed by the camel ride. It’s up to you as how you want to ride the camel? If you are an apt rider, you can ride it in the fast lane without any discomfort or fear. Else, it will be harmful for you to go for fast lane camel riding given you doesn’t have any know-how of camel riding.
Soon after the camel riding, there it come the place where you are allowed to stay for a couple of hours to take some rest and enjoy shisha and Arabic music. You will be entertained with the breath-taking moves of a belly-dancer who will portray her skills of Arabic cultural dance to the fullest. Amidst all this, there is still more to come. A horn will be blown and you will be called for dinner or lunch and that’s the best part when you have string appetite but you are so into the entire safari adrenaline that you forget about all else and want to enjoy what up next.
All this and a lot more is there to be explored in the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari and we are really happy to have enjoyed it more than once. There are various deals and packages which you can avail after visiting the sites of credible dealers over the internet. We hope you are somehow convinced to get a desert safari and we wish you best of luck for that.

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