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Golf Buddy Watch Takes On New Angle on Smartwatches

Smartwatches are all the rage in the technological latest marketing drive, manufacturers and developers have combined to release a series of watches to monitor heartbeat, miles, steps, calories and even how many hours you have been asleep for – but now there’s a smartwatch for golfers.


The Golf Buddy WT3 watch is GPS driven with an added enhanced feature in its tracking because accuracy in golf is all important, right? There are competitor models out already but with the Golf Buddy WT3, you press and hold and see the dynamic green display view unique to this device. And it also has a feature showing the moveable pin placement location.

You get information on hazards o0n the fairway and just off the fairways and greens (these include the drink and the trees on the links courses), shot distance measurement, digital scoresheet and the exact distance of your position to the back of the green, pin, front of the green and middle of the green.

How does the Golf Buddy WT3 know so much? There are a staggering 36,000 or more golf courses pre-loaded onto the tiny device from courses all over the world. There are more being added with every update and soon you’ll be hard-pressed to find a course that does not have all the stats and information embedded within the watch’s computer.

The Golf Buddy WT3 will automatically recognise the course you are on by the location you’re at. This means no setting up and searching process needs take place as you are fiddling around on the first hole.

The wrist watch has a battery that will last 50 days in time mode (eight hours in golf mode). The amazing Golf Buddy watch has four buttons and a display that is easy to read and requires no membership or download fees once you have purchased the item.

Although the Golf Buddy won’t make you a better golfer, it will accurately inform you how far away you are from certain parts of the green, which hazards on a particular hole you must try and avoid and what the par expectancy is for each hole. It may not make you play like Jack Nicklaus but it will inform you like a caddy who runs up and down the fairway checking for the hazards, distances, pin placements and which clubs, woods or wedges you should be selecting for any given shot position. It is, after all, a true Golf Buddy.

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