How to Blend-In New Build Projector Enclosures


Incorporating new build projector enclosures into your plans

One of the most popular additions to a new build is installing a projector. Whilst the construction is at the planning stage, it can be incorporated quite easily, having said that, it is still easy to incorporate into the build at a later stage. All that is needed is a smooth flat surface for displaying the image and a place to install a projector.

Even though the projector can be re-positionable, whilst it is in situ, it needs to be secure and bolted down to a fixed feature – a solid wall, concrete floor for example. But perhaps it is only intended to be used occasionally and will be in the way or it needs to be more inconspicuous and blend into the environment. The best solution is a build projector enclosure.

Although a projector is fairly robust, it can not withstand some forms of physical abuse and damage. Protecting it is the only answer and whilst this may seem excessive, it solves many issues regarding accidental and wilful damage, weather damage and other environmental problems. A projector is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and because of the protection an enclosure offers, it can be safely left outside and unattended for quite some time. This takes the pressure off maintenance and responsibility and ultimately down time.

A new build may want to integrate a projector in a back yard, rather in a home building. By using an enclosure in the outdoor garden area, the projector can be used right through the season and for as long as people are outdoors – in some US states that could be all year round because of the climate, even during the evening. This, however brings other issues like theft and weather damage. A jealous neighbor or passing opportunist thief may steal the unprotected projector. Also the weather can be unpredictable; warm sunshine one moment – a heavy wet thunder storm the next. Are you prepared to take the risk with your projector? It’s just like taking a television outside, or a computer – you wouldn’t dream of leaving them out in the rain, because the electrical components will be ruined. It is also worth considering the insurance implications of installing a projector enclosure. An insurance policy is looked on more favorably when a projector is protected than without. As it is worth adding a projector to the household insurance policy, it will only be a negligible amount due to the additional protection.

The only details needed for ordering a new build projector enclosure, is the size of the projector intended for use. The dimensions are usually taken from the lumen capacity, as well as the external measurements. Every size of projector can be accommodated.

Weighing up the benefits of installing a new build projector enclosure outweighs the nominal additional cost of purchasing. So for piece of mind, contact 862-234-5981 and check out the website for more information.

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