Moomba Festival 2017 Melbourne

Moomba( also known as the Moomba Festival) is held annually in Melbourne, Australia. Run by the City of Melbourne, it is Australia’s largest free community festival[ cite required] and one of Australia’s longest-running community festivals .[ cite required] The event is celebrated over four days, taking into account the Labour Day long weekend, from Friday to the second Monday in March. Moomba is culturally important to Melbourne, having been celebrated since 1955, and regularly attracts up to a million people, with a record attending of 1.7 million set in 1996.


In 2003, the event was renamed Melbourne Moomba Waterfest and is centred on the Yarra River .


Moomba Festival 2017 will include the Moomba parade, crowning of Moomba monarchs, fireworks displays, carnivals in the gardens along the river, river activities including watersports, sea swims and the birdman rally, as well as live music and bands.

The swims have an annual theme, usually an elaboration on” Let’s get together and have fun”, the avowed mission and vision statement of Moomba and are typically from sister metropolis( of which Melbourne has six ), schools and community groups. They also promote a number of aspects of the arts, like singing, dancing, or intend. Swanston Street is the traditional dwelling of the swims and spine of the city and pony- or tractor-drawn swims use the tram ways. Embellished trams are sometimes also featured .




Fireworks are a big part of the Moomba festival and big displays occur on the opening and shutting nighttimes of the festival. The fireworks are above the Yarra river .



A traditional carnival including a ferris wheel are held in the Alexandra Garden along the river bank. In recent years, the carnival has extended to Birrarung Marr across the river. It is popular with children, and dagwood dogs and doughnut stands line the paths .

River activities


Moomba particularly celebrates the Yarra River, which has been much maligned during the history of the city until the last few decades .

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