Proteins for Healthy hair

Everyone wants healthy hair. Nothing can beat the beauty of shiny and soft hair. You can make any style with your hair. But getting shiny and soft hair is very tuff. Healthy hair is very difficult to manage. Because our hair is exposed to pollutions, chemicals. We only think what we should put on our hair to provide nutrition. But food takes a major part in that role. If you want healthy hair, you should give importance on food what you eat. Nutrition plays a great role on hair growth. Because nutrition spreads in our full body including hair. The nutrition which we eat help to strengthen our hair follicles and reduce hair fall.

If you want to strengthen your hair, you should go through a balanced and healthy diet every day. If you do not take care of your hair properly, you may face hair loss problem. Today’s era is full of pollution, physical stress and workload. This is so obvious that there is no time for yourself. Many people have already faced hair loss problem and many people are about to face this problem. A healthy diet can reduce hair fall and improve your hair strength. Those who have already faced hair fall and having a problem of baldness, there is a permanent solution of this problem is hair transplant. India’s medical industry has grown a lot. Now you can get best facility for all treatments specially hair transplant. Hyderabad which is the metro city in the southern region of India, is famous for hair transplant surgery. Because the doctors are highly experienced and all modern technologies are available in Hyderabad. Hair transplant in Hyderabad is also very affordable and worthwhile. So, after hair transplant, you should follow the healthy nutrition what I am going to share. People who are about to face hair loss, they should follow the nutrition immediately.

Foods to control hair loss:
Hair is made up of 94% to 98% of protein. It means, if you do not eat sufficient amount of protein then you may face hair fall. You should include protein in your diet with proper allegation of other stuff. A list of healthy foods which can help to strengthen your hair, is given below-

  • Red Meat
    Red meat contains iron and this iron gets easily absorbed and make strengthen the hair follicles.
    Iron helps other nutrients to get easily absorbed by the follicles of hair.
    It contains sulfur which helps to grow new hair by blood circulation.
    The liver contains vitamin A and Vitamin B3, which also increase blood circulation.



  • Eggs
    Eggs contain high amount of protein which enhances the hair growth.
    Eggs also contain vitamin B 12, which penetrates at the root of hair follicles and provides strength on hair follicles.
    You can also get a sufficient amount of sulfur, zinc and iron. Iron helps to circulate oxygen to the hair follicles.
    It also contains biotin, which produces keratin and prevent hair loss.



  • Oysters
    Oysters contain zinc which helps to make scalp dry.
    As you know hair is full of protein, oysters contain a high amount of protein.
    It is also a good source of iron.



  • Salmon
    This fish contains fatty acids, which help to control hair fall.
    You can get vitamin B 12, which helps blood to circulate on hair cell.
    Omega 3 fatty acid can penetrate into the skin of scalp.



  • Tofu
    This food contains high amount of iron, which helps to prevent hair loss.
    As you know, you have to take at least 18 mg iron in a day, Tofu contains high amount of iron.



  • Beans
    Bean contains silica, which helps to get absorb of vitamin and minerals in body. If you have taken a lots of vitamin and your body does not contain silica, then it will not create any impact.
    You can also find silica in the skin of cucumbers, red chilies and green chilies.



  • Coriander
    It helps in hair thinning problem. Because it can clean the toxic metals from the body. Toxic metal creates problem in transporting nutrients into the scalp. So, coriander is highly important food to control hair fall.
    This is the most important Indian food for healthy hair.



  • Cheese
    Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein.
    You also get protein from paneer.

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