Samsung galaxy s8 plus

When it comes to mobile phones Samsung is our favorite smart phone selling company. Samsung is famous for its smooth interface and classy looking smartphones from the beginning. This year there will be no Zedge style rather Samsung is going to release two high end smart phones Galaxy s8 and Samsung galaxy s8 plus. S8 plus is more like a phablet. The Samsung galaxy s8 plus screen size 6.2 inches.

Table of Contents:

  1. Samsung galaxy s8 plus price range and release date:
  2. Galaxy s8 plus design:
  3. Galaxy s8 plus camera:
  4. Galaxy s8 plus battery:
  5. What is the galaxy s8 plus software?
  6. Galaxy s8 plus colors:
  7. Pros:
  8. Cons:
  9. Added features:
  10. Conclusion:
  11. Final Verdict:


Samsung galaxy s8 plus price range and release date:

The official Samsung galaxy s8 plus release date from the company is 28 of April worldwide and 21stApril for USA. The price range sat for this phablet is 779 pounds.

Galaxy s8 plus design:

Galaxy s8 plus is a perfect combination of cutting edge and elegance. Although the phone is super elegant but due to slight curve and large size the phone may get slippery and feel hard to hold. Both the phones galaxy s8 and s8 plus shows too much similarities. The phone screen is protected by 5.2D gorilla glass thus protecting it from unnecessary scratch. The metal is thin framed. The bottom and top bezels are very thin.

Galaxy s8 plus camera:

Sad thing is there are no vivid changes in cameras both front and back like last year. The only hopeful upgrade this year is clear and efficient autofocus and better pictures in low or very bright light.

Galaxy s8 plus battery:

A 3000 mAh battery capacity is reported in this phone. The battery tends to charge at faster rate by 20%. The screen display is HD but due to an efficient processor extreme battery expenditure will be adjusted.

What is the galaxy s8 plus software?

The software used in this smart phone is Android 7.0 Nougat.  One new thing in this smart phone is Bixby a personal Samsung assistant like siri. Short press of button takes you to Bixby home, pressing it long will enable the voice feature and a small button on the camera app enables the Bixby augmented reality.

Samsung Galaxy s8 plus colors:

Samsung galaxy s8 will be launched initially in 3 colors. Black, grey and silver. SO choose one that you like.


  1. Large memory storage that is 64 and 128 GB.
  2. Octa core processor
  3. High Quality display
  4. Finger print and face scanner
  5. 6 GB RAM
  6. Quick and wireless charging
  7. Compact size


  1. Non removable battery
  2. Finger print sensor is kept at back of phone
  3. Short battery span
  4. Dual Sim hybrid

Added features:

  1. Water resistant
  2. Dust proof
  3. Face and Iris Scanner
  4. Finger print sensor
  5. Very fast charging system


This time Samsung has made sure that the security of this phone should be too high. There are 5 levels of security and the most secure form of security is iris scan with which the phone can only be opened by the user itself. This phone will work the best for those whom do not want anybody to touch their phone.


Samsung galaxy s8 plus is the new black! This phone possess perfect features in every aspect. If you want to make a style statement this phone is perfect. There are slight changes in overall functioning of this phone with Samsung galaxy s8 but those minor changes are enough for us to buy tis pure awesome phone.

Final Verdict:

If you want a phone with long lasting battery than I am sorry Samsung galaxy s8 plus is not for you. This phablet is perfect for those who do not use their phone much. I will give this phone a 9/10. All other features are superb but according to the review the phone might get bit hot after prolong use.

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