Coca Cola was invented by a pharmacist named Pemberton. He was one of a kind who used to make drugs which most of the time failed uneventfully. After being rejected by many he decided to try the beverage market officially known as soda fountain drink, so he thought this made sense and hence coca cola came into being.

  • Previously coca cola was publicized by traveling salesman who used to pass out coupons for free.

Recently coca cola jobs have formulated certain jobs for those who are Flexible, technical, honest, work ethic and determinant. Therefore they have designed some vacancies for those who are interested and as follows:

1) Sales manager/sales.
2) Finance lead/ planning analysis and reporting.

3) Key accounts.

4) Sales development executive

5) Finance specialist / operational financial

The area mentioned above of jobs fall under the category of marketing, and the one who is going to be further elaborated in this article is:


Why join hands with coca cola?

It’s driving the success of one of the world’s best-known brands. Coke’s marketing team works hard to increase its sales, market share and profit by understanding customers, consumers, and the competition. The team’s knowledge and ideas help us build cohesive marketing strategies for our brands – creating maximum impact.

Why choose marketing as the best job in coca cola?

In marketing, every day is different. In the morning it might be working with packaging designers or creating a viral marketing campaign with an advertising agency. The afternoon could transform working with the Operations team to activate a brand plan, or running an innovation workshop for people from all areas of the business.

Is working here a distinctive measure or collective?
NO!  Whatever we do, we do it as a team, combining expertise across the Region to deliver consistent marketing campaigns which are put into practice locally. The strength of our brands is tied directly to the people behind them. It’s their ideas and innovative thinking that make The Coca-Cola Company a global powerhouse.

What are the Perks and drawbacks of being employed in coca cola jobs

            PERKS                                                          DRAWBACKS
·        Great health insurance vision ·        Long working hours
·        3 weeks’ vacation ·        Only skillful employees are appointed
·        Pension ·        Work is done only in teams
·        Covered medical insurance ·        expert training required

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