Different Types Of Equipment Used By Hikvision CCTV Dubai

The security is the right of every citizen. Nowadays as the crime especially street criminals are growing, the security system has become the need of the person. HiKvision CCTV Dubai is the company that helps the clients in the provision of complete security setup not only in the office but also in the home. They provide special cameras, video recorders; mobile application through the person can get beneficial services.

Hikvision CCTV Dubai Features

The key features of the equipment used by the company are discussed below.


The companies provide high quality security cameras to the client. These cameras are either fixed or movableupto 180 degrees. This has the advantage that it keep an eye on the whole street and the user can easily view that what is happening outside the house.

Remote Control Devices

The cameras and the video recorders are controlled through remote controls. Special remote controls are provided to the client through which he can set alarm, disarm as well as the mini tablet control system provides the weather update and times setting option also.

Video Recorders

The specialized HD cameras have the abilityto record the video. There is a certain limit of the recording, the person and get the history of the video from the security company.

Computer Software

The companies provide special software related to the security system. This software are easy to use and the person can control the equipment through this software installed in a mobile or the computer system.


Different types of switches are available like alarm switch, matrix, audio-video,sequential or manual. All these help in the improvement of the security system and helps in providing the client the peaceful day and nights. These are basically used to connect devices with the equipment like camera, video recorder, and alarm system. Etc.


The quality of the camera depends on the type of the lens, better the quality and definition for will be the proper view from the camera are available. Mostly high definition lenses are used for this purpose to properly focus on the person enteringin-house or the office.

Video Motion Detector

The security system provides the video camera that can detect minor motion and the alarm start beeping if any irrelevant activity occurs in the house.

The other equipment that the companies including HiKvision CCTV Dubai use to provide security to the citizens are monitors, video multiplexers, image tubes and much more through which they assure their clients that they will get full safety and security.

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